Travel Agent

How To Choose A Travel Agent

With so many destinations to go to, it's important to plan accordingly. A travel agent will be able to acquire your tickets, hotel reservations, car rental, and activities all at once, saving you time, and thus, money. Booking a vacation can be a lot of trouble for just one person, but with a qualified travel agent, it's easy! Of course, like vacations themselves not all travel agents are created equal so you will want to shop around for the best one.

1. The Benefits Of A Travel Agent

Don't miss out on all that a vacation has to offer! A travel agent will be experienced with the top destinations at your travel area and be able to provide you with recommendations for where to go. As an industry insider, they can get special deals that you would not be able to acquire. You might pay a little bit more for this service, but overall you will save.

2. Do Your Research

Doing your homework doesn't have to take a lot of time. The best way to find a good travel agent is to do your research. You can talk to friends and family members who have used travel agents in the past. You can also use the internet to try to find the best agency or agent in your area. In some cases you will be able to read testimonials from other customers who have used a certain agency. Try searching for message boards that might give you some insight to good travel agents in your area. It is important to find a travel agent who understands your personal needs and desires when it comes to the type of vacation you are looking for. There are countless agencies that are available online as well where it is easy to select what kind of ammentities you are looking for.

3. Make Sure They Are Licenced

A licenced travel agent will be a member of the ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). Membership in the American Society of Travel Agents allows travel agents to work with other members to get the best deals and rates for you. Membership also requires certain qualifications so by finding a travel agency that is part of the Society ensures that you will be getting excellent service. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to ask questions in order to determine if a travel agent is right for you. Questions such as, How long have you been in the travel business?, can be helpful in giving you a better idea of your travel agents background. You might even want to ask your travel agent for references.

4. Your Vacation Package

Putting together your vacation package just got easier with a travel agent. They will be able to interact with you and help you choose what features of your vacation you want to splurge on and what features you can skimp on. Don't need a luxury car, but want a great hotel? Done and done. Perhaps you want a tour included and thus won't need a car at all. Of course, your travel agent is unlikely to make any final decisions before consulting with you first. It is your vacation and therefore you should have the final say on everything planned. This is why it is important that you make yourself accessible to your travel agent.

Cheap Travel

Cheap Travel: The One That's Right for You

Cheap travel has become more and more popular to people who want to experience the feeling of being on another country at a price they could afford. But somehow with too many cheap travel companies offering virtually the same package, many are confused and cannot differentiate the good ones from the better ones. Since each cheap travel company offers different type of cheap travel, finding the right one for you can take you a while. But with proper know-how on the ways to get your cheap travel, you can cut the time and have your itineraries going.

Here are some of the useful ways to get cheap travel that is right for you, easily:

1. Identify where you want to go. Where you would go should come from you. This is the first step you should take when you are planning your cheap vacation. This would be the ground of all the things you need to have for your cheap travel. For, this you can identify what type of activities you can do, what type of coverage you should have, and what are the equipments you need. This would also tell you how much your budget should be. Know where you want to go and it would make your cheap travel planning run smoothly.

2. Know what you want. When you are buying cheap travel package, you can always have the choice of letting your travel agent work for you. They will do their job, that's guaranteed. But would it be better if you know what you want before speaking to them? In this way, you can surely enjoy your travel vacation for in the first place; it is you who knows what exactly do you want.

Part of it is knowing what type of cheap package do you need: The type of flight you want. The date you want to fly. The length of the whole trip. The ways you want to spend it. And the accommodation you wish to have. If you know all these, you and your travel and agent would be having an easier time finalizing things.

3. Set your budget. Although cheap travel is indeed cheaper that regular travel, you still have to set your budget. Because if you don't, you might not be aware that in the end, what you think is cheap is not cheap anymore. Set the budget and the total cost of your travel. If your budget does not fit your destination or the things you want to do while at the vacation, you can always search for companies or agents that offer cheaper rates.

4. Your coverage matters. Many would disregard the importance of the insurance while traveling. If you know how important insurance is, then you know that you need one.

5. Itineraries are included. If you already know where you are going, know what you want, and have set your budget, you must now identify the itineraries of your trip. Usually when you consult travel agents, they would offer you different cheap travel ideas for you to choose from. Select one that matches your desired itineraries. If they offer none, you can always select from the list of available destination and match it to your desired itineraries.

With these things on hand, you are now ready to experience the overseas traveling without spending so much.

Car Auctions

Understanding Local Car Auctions

Buying cars from auctions can end up in a profit or a loss depending on your understand on cars and how the car auction process works. It is always good place to get a bargain because when you buying a car at an auction you're not paying dealer prices; neither is you paying for a guarantee. What you see is what you get is the theory behind car auctions.

So you should have some knowledge and experience with motor vehicles before you attempt going to a car auction let alone buying one. On the end hand, what you do need is a good attention to detail, wiliness to learn and great observation skills. Once you can master the technique of buying good low cost cars you'll be able to sell them for profit.

There are two types of car auctions. The traditional local car auctions and the online car auctions.

Local Car Auctions

When entering a local car auction you will need to pre-register upon entering. There should be staff on hand to explain to you how to register and how to make your bids and general rules of the auction. Make sure you don't just bid on everything because if you win you bought it.

You should inspect the cars that you're interested in. Make sure you do a through check to ensure it's a good buy not a dud. If you want to inspect the car closer you may have to ask for permission from the staff on hand. It's wise to check up on the cars you want to bid on and make sure you set a bid limit otherwise you will be another victim of overbidding.

When placing your bids ensure that you signal the auctioneer clearly to avoid any miscommunication. If you're in luck you might just walk away with a really good price on a car or cars. Each time you win a bid talk to the block clerk and tell them you want to settle your accounts. One of the staff on hand should be able to walk you through the payment process and the exchange of title.

Before you settle you have to also do a final check on the vehicle. You're also allowed to take the car for a test drive before settling on the accounts. This is a way for the auction to ensure you the buyer that you didn't buy a broken car and that it's functioning properly.

At last settling your accounts. Most auctions allow you to pay by credit card and check and of course CASH! You might be asked if you want to have a third party finance the car for you. Here's a tip, if your going to do finance make sure you get your finances organised outside of the auction. Third party financing at auctions usually come with a higher interest rate.

Once you have settled your accounts you can either drive away or ship it to your destination. If you need to ship your newly bought car ask the car auction manager for a good rate on shipping. They will usually give you a better rate.
Online Car Auctions
Offline car auctions are a little different. You don't get to inspect the cars in person however you can request images of the car. If you're interested in online car auctions make sure if you do buy one inspect the car as soon as it arrives and if there is anything wrong with contact the online car auction site immediately.

Cheap Car

Where to Find Cheap Car Auctions

If you are looking in the right places their are a lot around and are often just as the more expensive versions. There are some down sides to the cheap car auctions. Some do not have the best verity and the quality may not be as high as some but they are still worth a very close look if you are in the market for a good car auction.


The best thing about cheap car auctions are that because the out lay is so low to begin with if they don't have what you are looking for you can move on with out losing too much money. Other then the start up costs there are also great option with cheap car auctions that you might not find with some of the other more expansive options. Such as the selection will be higher because people will always go to the auctions that has the highest customer base and because of the low sing up fees you will find that they have a lot more member s then some of the more expansive car auctions out there.


Because of the large customer base you will also find that you will have a lot more competition for most of he vehicles that are available and that may al so push the prices a lot higher then if there was not as much competition. If you are looking for a particular type of car then you may find that they are a bit harder to come by in some of the cheaper auctions and if you really need that type of car you might be better o going to a car auction that specialize in the particular type of car.

They are not to many reasons to pick one or they other it really just depends on what you are looking for in a car auction. If you don't need all the fancy options and are not looking for anything that is out of the ordinary you will find that a cheap car auction will suit you best. If you need all the help you can get to find a particular car ten you might want to look at the more expansive options that are available which will make things a lot easier in the long run. When it's all said and done you really need to decide what it is that you want and need and make you decision on that. I wish you good luck with all you car buy adventures and hope you find the bargain you are looking for.

Mind Of A Runner

Thinking Mind Of A Runner
By: Gary Cooper

Article Summary: A runners thoughts before, during and after a road race. As a deer is graceful and straight as an arrow. A runners thoughts as he runs.

This is a bird's eye view of a runner's thoughts moments before and right up to the starting line of a road race. It could be anywhere. We are also going to talk about his thoughts during the actual race then onto the finish line. And, his thoughts processes afterwards. Most reporters write about the race, who is running and who won with all the high lights. They will always beef it up because as you already well know there is, just so much you can report about with a human road race! Now if someone kicks the bucket that will make front page! Sad isn't it?

We are different here, we are going to focus on the thinking mind of the runner and his perception from the inside looking out. I suppose you could be a fly on the shoulder to get to the heart of the mind and actually capture the full flavor of event. The other runner's are all in their own little world of thoughts. Some are stretching some are talking to the other runners. You see some over by the trees. I call them tree stretchers. Some by their cars. I call them the car stretchers.

Some are right here by me on their back on the road. Me, I'm trying to not think about anything to much. I will focus on the immediate task at hand. This has always seemed to work best for me. I try to picture the whole course. Running is graceful and smooth. As a deer would run straight as an arrow. Some have their radios stuck in their ears. That never did work for me. It always made me loose my concentration.

It seems funny to me now that I've ran in over hundred races that I come up with this idea that I believe I will put my thoughts on paper of what I'm thinking while running a race. Meanwhile there are dozens of runners all doing their own little thing preparing for the race before the gun goes off. Why is their no sound? Of coarse there is sound but I've learned enough by now to simply focus to hearing no sounds. That's the whole purpose of this exercise to capture the thinking mind of the runner. What is going on in the twenty minutes of the route of the course? What's happening between the ears?

Now is the time I will see if the six weeks leading up to this race is going to pay off or not! We will to recapture all the weeks of training periods for this particular race. Though you are all ready as a trained runner of a few years, you still zero in, to focus to this one particular race. To peak! You still have trained for this one particular race. So they will know you were there!

You know you are fully qualified of making the course not only the speed but distance as well. Another thinks you knew, good and well that you can go the distance because this is a mere touch of distance of your weekly long runs. We top a good nine miles if needed. The problem we run into in races we have these voices telling you that you can't hold the pace up! At this speed anyway! Well you can! So you must keep fighting the sub-conscious with the conscious. You have the voices telling you stop that your legs are burning too much! All you have to do is to stop and the pain will go away. Sigmund Freud would say this is the sub-conscious and the conscious mind. I say it's the thinking mind of the runner!


All About Cornering
By: Arthor Pens

Article Summary: Your center of gravity in relation to your saddle is what turns your bike. The handlebars are often labeled responsible for turning, but other than at low speeds, this is not so.

People love cycling. Whether you are highly competitive or cycle for leisure purposes, there is a method to the act. Learning the proper way to do things is a benefit in many ways. It supports safety, durability, and performance. The following article addresses the act of “cornering.” There are several factors contributing to the cycling maneuver. Some, with years of cycling experience never took the time to properly read and learn about cornering.

The science of cornering.

Your center of gravity is of great importance. Surfers, gymnasts, trapeze artists, ballet dancers, and cyclists all depend on the manipulation of their center of gravity. Your center of gravity in relation to your saddle is what turns your bike. The handlebars are often labeled responsible for turning, but other than at low speeds, this is not so. If you move the saddle left, the bike will lean and turn left.

Bike control equals the control of your sense of gravity in relation to the centerline of the bike.

There are a few “forces” at play when cornering:

- Gravity, which is pulling you and your bike down to the ground
- An opposing force, pulling in the opposite direction in which you are turning
- Diagonal, the combination of these two forces meeting

Gravity remains equal, so the other forces will determine the flow of the turn:

- If your opposing force increases in intensity, the diagonal will become wider or more arched
- As your opposing force shortens or decreases in intensity, the diagonal comes more comparable with gravity or a straight line

The trick in efficiently turning lies in your ability to keep the center line of your bike in unison with gravity and the opposing force while keeping the center line of your bike between that of your own center of gravity and the direction at which the turn is pulling you.

For proper technique:

- Sit relaxed on your saddle
- Dig the tires into the ground a bit for traction purposes
- Let your bike arch through the corner
- Keep your upper body and head low and towards the inside so your head is just above the inside brake lever
- Keep a constant arching line through the corner
- You and your bike will follow your eyes- Look ahead into the corner to stay on course
- Attempt to go from the outside, to the inside, to the outside in order to “open up” the curve (If you are engaged in a series of turns, you would have to modify your positioning to consider the multiple maneuvers)

Before you approach the corner:

Before approaching the corner, read the surroundings ahead. Consider road conditions before you lean into the corner:

- Is the road wet
- Are there other riders in the turn
- Are there other riders around me
- What is the road surface- rock, sand, etc.

Remember, cycling is a dangerous sport. Use your best judgment when corning, especially around blind turns. Road conditions, obstructions and unforeseen problems can arise at any time. Use caution.

Handlebar Stem

How to Replace Your Handlebar Stem
By: Arthor Pens

Article Summary: If our bicycle needs some minor repairs and replacements, you can easily do it yourself, as they are often not very complicated. One such thing is replacing the handlebar stem.

Though we have our cars and motorcycles, there is nothing like going on an early morning ride on our bicycle or a relaxing ride in the evening. If our bicycle needs some minor repairs and replacements, we can easily do it ourselves, as they are often not very complicated. One such thing is replacing the handlebar stem. In normal circumstances when the bolts are in good condition, it should take you less then 15 minutes to remove the old handlebar stem and to replace the new one.

Here are some step-by-step instructions and tips to replace your handlebar stem:

1. First of all, you must buy the right stem for your requirement. You can get stems of varied lengths and they range between 35 and 135 millimeters. While buying the stem for your handlebars you must go with the right measurement of your steer tube so that you do not have to run for an exchange.

2. Remove the headset's top cap.

3. Removing the pre load bolt, this is a 4-millimeter bolt. The pre load bolt is what helps you in adjusting the headset.

4. You will find totally 5 five millimeter bolts that fasten the faceplate to the steer tube. There are four in front and one at the back of the faceplate.

5. Remove the four bolts that are in front first and loosen the one at the back.

6. Remember to keep all the bolts, headset top cap all in one place because you don't want to start hunting for those and spend 40 minutes in the search whereas it would take hardly 15 minutes to replace the entire stem. Never overlook this point.

7. Once you have removed all the bolts, you just need to pull off the handlebar stem off the steer tube. While pulling it off, you will be able to pull it out easily if you do not pull it at an angle but at 180 degrees to the steer tube.

8. Once you have removed the old handlebar stem, you need to fix the new handlebar stem. While fixing the new handlebar stem start with the bolt at the back first. This will keep the handlebar stem in place as you fix the handlebar to the handlebar stem.

9. Place the handlebar in position and place the faceplate aligning the holes properly so that the bolts can get into them without any difficulty.

10. Some of the handlebars come with markings for perfect adjustments. So pay attention to those markings.

11. After placing the handlebar in position start tightening the 4 five millimeter bolts on the faceplate. While tightening you should remember not to tighten each bolt all the way, before you tightened the next one. All the four bolts should be tightened evenly to avoid problems later. Normally the diagonally opposite bolts are tightened in alternating pattern. This something, which you should not overlooked.

12. Now recheck whether your handlebar positioning requires any minor adjustments and do the necessary adjustments before you tighten all the four bolts completely. After adjusting, tighten the pre load bolt and replace the headset cap.

self defense tips

You must learn self defense tips to save yourself
By: Clint Jhonson

Article Summary: Self defense is the best form of protecting yourself from untimely criminal assault. In order to sustain in this world where survival of fittest is the proven theory you have to learn self defense tips. You must learn self defense moves because are extremely helpful in street fighting. As a matter of fact both street fighting and self defense are interchangeable terms. Earlier self defense consisted of skilled marital arts people who were the black belts.

Self defense is the best form of protecting yourself from untimely criminal assault. In order to sustain in this world where survival of fittest is the proven theory you have to learn self defense tips. You must learn self defense moves because are extremely helpful in street fighting. As a matter of fact both street fighting and self defense are interchangeable terms. Earlier self defense consisted of skilled marital arts people who were the black belts. But when these people started getting brutally injured in the street fights, a new scenario emerged.

This scenario brought into the limelight a term – street fighting. If you want to learn self defense moves you don’t have to look towards the traditional marital arts schools now. Loads of tips can be found on the internet and local magazines. One of the most common questions inquired by many people is how to conduct street fighting? It is not essential that in the process we have injured our opponent badly; but it is essential that we have defended ourselves in a great way.

To learn self defense tips you must have the agility factor. You have to be flexible and fit. A few tips include using your head. The human skull is a powerful weapon and can be used to smash the nose of the assailant. When you learn self defense moves you will be taught to use the motion of your palms against the nose of the attacker. But your head can be twice more dangerous than your palms. This is a great weapon that can be used by ladies. When the assailant tries to grab you from behind you can bang your head in his face rather than putting your foot on his leg or kicking him, thereby annoying him further in the process.

Any attack with the skull on the collarbone or face is serious enough to inflict injuries on the attacker. When you learn self defense tips you will also be told to use the pepper spray liberally on your attackers. This is one of the most lethal sprays in case of bear defense. Some of the offenders are too scared and won’t create much harm. If you spot these, chances are that they will attack you. Even you can attack them back and ground them with all possible techniques. But the fundamental of street fight is to walk away from a situation like this. Avoid it until it gets out of control.

When you learn self defense moves you will see that these are normally associated with the street fighting. However, it is not essential to use them. A smart man will do whatever possible to evade a street fight. He will either shout loudly or run for safety. These moves can be practiced when you are alone and think that help is far. In such cases look for weapons that are handy. You must always carry a tool that can be easily used as a weapon. It can be a pen, pin or an umbrella. Anything can be turned into a weapon if you think fast.

defense techniques

A few self defense techniques
By: Clint Jhonson

Article Summary: Every country is home to criminals who simply enjoy harassing the innocent people. The violence is increasing each day and law seems to dwindle from the scene when it is most needed. In a scenario like this, self defense techniques are the best option for a common man. Moreover, at the time when criminal activities are taking place, you may not be having time or means to call police. In this situation the best possible way is to defend your self.

Every country is home to criminals who simply enjoy harassing the innocent people. The violence is increasing each day and law seems to dwindle from the scene when it is most needed. In a scenario like this, self defense techniques are the best option for a common man. Moreover, at the time when criminal activities are taking place, you may not be having time or means to call police. In this situation the best possible way is to defend your self. The following article will speak of the street fighting secrets.

The foremost thing to consider is the fact that you should avoid any situation that leads to street fighting. However, after several attempts, your denial is falling on deaf ears; you start preparing yourself and analyze the situation. In the self defense techniques, do not consider your stance to be equivalent to a Hollywood star, and then start fighting. You are a normal human being and you have to consider that your opponent may be as good or even better. Basically, do not do something which is out of extraordinary.

In case your opponent or the person, who is attacking you, is charging towards you with a great force, the best option would be to dodge that force. This is one of the best street fighting secrets. You have to make the attacker’s force go away in a different direction or simply redirect the force. There is a theory which tells that it is not correct to redirect the force. According to it, you must stop the force of the attacker even if it is for a matter of second. You can stop the movement by a kick or a hit on the eyes.

One of the self defense techniques includes a serious blow on the groin region. This will make the assailant stumble to a large degree. You can take benefit of the time while your assailant is staggering and run for safety. Always keep yourself armed with small handy things that can be used against the attackers. Pepper spray or perfume sprays are some of the examples. The street fighting secrets involve small details that we generally tend to ignore. A pepper spray can be extremely helpful in such situations.

You can join the local marital arts school to obtain a good training course. Kung-fu, judo or karate are extremely good self defense techniques. In case it is not possible for you to take such courses, then you must have certain points in mind during a street fight. Always look into the eyes if the attacker. This will deter his confidence to a great extent. He may even leave you and go. Never keep lethal weapons like guns or they will do more harm than you can think of. If by any chance the gun falls into the hands of the assailant, it can turn out to be more dangerous. It can become life-threatening. Thus always carry something which can momentarily distract the attacker; for example a pepper spray. One of the most important street fighting secrets is the confidence factor.


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